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Rinova Projects was founded by
British Architect, Conor Mulvenna,
who fell in love with Italy many decades
ago and has been operating in the north
of the country for over 15 years
developing the all-important local
knowledge, expertise and networks,
particularly in Lombardy and Piedmont,
also nurturing good contacts in Tuscany,
Venice and le Marche.

In addition to carrying out Architectural
Design, Restoration and Project
Management, we have also executed a
number of tailored Property Searches for
developers and prospective buyers with
a particular focus on Lake Como. Now
we are pleased to share this knowledge
and expertise saving time and money for
whoever is interested in buying and or
refurbishing property in north Italy.

Furthermore we are excited to display on
our website a small portfolio of residential
developments on Lake Como, all at early
stages of development thus presenting
possible buyers with the opportunity to
buy at a lower price.