The founders of Rinova Projects are Conor Mulvenna, born in Belfast, UK and Debora Passaleva, born in Florence, Italy.


In 1992 we both qualified as architects in Sheffield University and Politecnico di Milano respectively. We met while working in Berlin in 1995 and later also worked in Dublin for some years before settling in Milan in 2000. From that date Debora worked with and still maintains strong links to the internationally renowned Italian Design guru Alessandro Mendini, while Conor worked as team leader on a number of large projects for foreign clients in North Italy.

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One of these projects was "Castelfalfi" in Tuscany, the biggest tourist destination project in Italy, during which Conor felt particularly enamoured with old buildings and the rich vernacular architectural language of the different regions in Italy. Increasingly Conor began working on restoration of residential buildings in north Italy often for English speaking clients.

As a natural development of Conor "finding" suitable properties to refurbish for prospective buyers and developers, Rinova Projects has continued to carry out more frequent Property Searches.

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Conor and Debora.